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What should be in an employee's proprietary agreement

The essence of creating and nurturing a small business is to make the most out of your ideas and constantly innovating to make your way in the marketplace. Of course, this cannot be done by yourself. In many situations, employees must be hired to handle a number of tasks, whether it be technical maintenance, analysis or even client management.

Three tips for dealing with cyber security breaches

If you haven’t been a victim of a cybercrime, it is only a matter of time before you are, according to some electronic security experts. After all, there are a number of electronic security breaches that are not highly publicized; either because they do not involve large businesses or they do not include the theft of personal information or credit card numbers.


On June 15, 2015, contrary to the standing authority in the Ninth Circuit and a majority of lower courts, the United States Supreme Court in Baker Botts L.L.P. v. ASARCO LLC, 2015 U.S. LEXIS 3920 (June 15, 2015) ruled in a 6-3 decision that 11 U.S.C. §330(a) does not authorize compensation for attorney fees incurred in defending fee applications.

What is a nuisance number and why you should know yours

Litigation has been compared to war (on a certain level) because it is known as the means of last resort to solve a problem and at the end there are rarely any clear winners. This is largely because both parties end up spending a great deal of money, but they may not get exactly what they wanted in the end.

Supreme Court addresses religious discrimination in recent case

We'd like to begin today's post by asking our readers to consider this question: when was the last time you updated your company policies? If you're like a lot of business owners in California, and across the nation, you might only tweak your policies every few years or so. In some cases, an owner may never redraft their policies.

For business owners, legal process of branding tedious but worthwhile

If you have a great business idea, then the safest way to build and protect your brand is to take the right legal steps. Not everyone does this, and often entrepreneurs with potentially profitable ideas wind up in intellectual property litigation, the cost of which can cut deeply into the value of a business.

Use of "chatta" at issue in trademark suit filed by RumChata maker

When a brand becomes positively recognized by consumers, it's natural for other companies to move toward that space in the market and try to profit. There are limits, though, to how far a business can go in terms of benefiting from another company's branding.

Asset sale during bankruptcy keeps retailer in business

If your business has taken on heavy debt that could easily become unmanageable, then you may have a number of debt relief options. For many businesses, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is too costly and time-consuming to make economic sense. For other companies, however, Chapter 11 offers the protections needed to get the business back into profitability.

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