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FCC approves AT&T's acquisition of DirecTV

In our last post, we highlighted the latest major acquisition in the health care industry, where Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Anthem announced that it would acquire Cigna in a deal worth more than $53 billion. The move would leave only three major medical providers in the industry.

Anthem to acquire Cigna in $54 billion

In a prior post, we noted how the surge of mergers was at a record pace, and that more than $1 trillion in deals had been announced in the first six months of 2015. In keeping with that theme, it was recently announced that medical insurer Anthem has agreed to acquire Cigna. The purchase will be $54 billion and will leave the industry with only three large medical insurers.

What should go into a non-disclosure agreement

What makes a start-up company unique is that it doesn’t have to adhere to traditional corporate rules in order to survive, or to thrive for that matter. Because of this, small companies can be swift and nimble enough to keep pace with technological changes and customer preferences and develop new ways of doing things to meet those changes.

What the new 'green' industry really means

When you think about what the “green economy” would be in 2016 and beyond, you may be led to believe that clean fuel sources would drive this industry. This would include cars driven by electric fuel cells, solar panel technology, electric fueling stations and energy efficient building materials.

Should students drop out of school to start their businesses?

If you are beginning a startup business or aspiring to start one, chances are that you may be thinking of dropping out of school in order to jump start your enterprise. Indeed, you may be seduced by the success of Apple, Facebook and other tech giants that found their success after their founders dropped out of school to begin their businesses.

Federal government suspects airlines worked together on fares

With fuel prices down significantly over the past year, many consumers wonder why the prices of airline tickets haven’t come down as well. The federal government is also curious, and the U.S. Department of Justice has launched an investigation into possible collusion between the country’s major airlines.

Record number of deals highlights the first half of 2015

The Fourth of July holiday weekend got off to a good start with a positive jobs report for June. While the U.S. Department of Labor reported that the economy added more than 200,000 jobs last month, the number of employees getting raises or increasing their income remained flat. The numbers were largely based on fewer people being in the workforce, even though more people were employed.

What information is shared prior to an acquisition?

Most will agree: The more information you have prior to making a decision, the better. As a business owner, though, if someone is interested in acquiring your business, know that when we say the more information, the better, we really mean all information. From finances to employment concerns and assets, a potential acquirer will want to know it all. 

Helpful tips for your next settlement conference

In our last post, we highlighted the reasons that a business should have a litigation “war chest” in order to deal with the costs of dealing with a lawsuit. After all, the unfortunate part of litigation is that some companies will initiate lawsuits against companies that they know may not have the financial wherewithal to handle a large scale lawsuit.

Why a business should consider having a litigation 'war chest'

In our last post, we discussed the questions a business should ask itself when confronted with a lawsuit. Specifically, whether the amount of damages sought is below or above the “nuisance number” a business owner should have in determining whether it would be more expensive to settle a matter or to litigate it to conclusion.

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