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Unheralded books can help entrepreneurs

It may seem cliché, but a small business owner is constantly learning, regardless of what industry they are in. But there may be something to this, given the sheer volume of business development and management books on store shelves. In the spirit of constant growth for business owners, we dedicate this post to highlighting some unheralded, yet effective business books that every entrepreneur should read. The complete list was compiled on

Why millennials are important in mergers and acquisitions

The recent Fed decision will understandably have an effect on how businesses plan for mergers and acquisitions for the remainder of 2015 and next year, but it may not change the importance that millennials have on the overall market. Instead, it is expected that businesses will make appropriate changes to keep themselves relevant to this group.

The value that skilled attorneys bring in the M&A process

It remains to be seen whether the surge in mergers and acquisitions will continue after the Fed’s most recent decision. Regardless of the differing opinions, it is important for executives and managers to know the value that experienced business law attorneys can provide for companies that seek to acquire assets, as well as those who are at risk of being bought.

Helpful tips for growing enterprises

While we have focused a number of our posts on mergers and acquisitions, we cannot forget the number of successful enterprises that began as small startups. Regardless of the industry and the capitalization behind it, there are successful strategies that successful businesses incorporate. For our readers that are in the midst of building their businesses, as well as those who are conceptualizing their future companies, we offer the following tips. 

Quiksilver files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

We have noted in a few of our posts that the market is ever evolving. Because of this, businesses must evolve with it or face considerable difficulties as the market changes. This fight for survival is likely behind the mergers and acquisitions that we continue to see. When businesses are not able to adapt to new conditions, they may have to seek bankruptcy protection.

More food company mergers expected

When you think of the historic drought and California and diseased livestock in the Midwest, you are not likely to see the two events as catalysts for mergers and acquisitions. In fact, you may see them as potential detriments to produce companies and meat processing firms.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy, explained

When a business is sinking in debt, the owners' thoughts likely will turn to bankruptcy eventually. This is not a decision to take lightly, but bankruptcy is the best option in many cases. The business may be able to emerge on the other end stronger and better able to compete in the marketplace, without struggling with mounting debt.

Ashley Madison's CEO to step down after data breach

The fallout from the exposure of personal information stored on, the website known for facilitating clandestine liaisons is yet to be seen, as the number of divorces stemming from spouses being exposed for their cheating ways probably won't be known for years. However, the immediate corporate effects are being felt in and outside of the company.

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