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Aetna, Humana deal to be scrutinized by federal regulators

We previously highlighted the announcement that healthcare provider Aetna would be acquiring Humana in a $37 billion deal that would make the new company among the largest healthcare insurers in the country. Recently, shareholders for both companies approved the merger, which paves the way for the next step in the process.

Will market trends continue for middle market businesses?

In prior posts this summer, we noted how the number of mergers and acquisitions marked a record pace to which many people wondered whether it would continue at such a torrid pace. Essentially, the number of big market acquisitions that were being made, combined with the anticipation that the Fed would raise interest rates, contributed to the opportunities for these transactions to be made.

Invention startup files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

As much as the tech industry drives innovation, and therefore, successful products and companies, there is a downside to the industry. Essentially not every company that successfully raises money can survive competition and an ever-changing marketplace. Because of this, bankruptcy may be a likely scenario for a company that can’t stay ahead of changing dynamics.

Will the latest jobs report affect future mergers?

There is no other way to describe the September jobs report…it was disappointing at best. The economy only added 142,000 jobs last month, which was well below expectations. According to a number of media reports, the stock market responded negatively to the news; which essentially reflects the uncertainty that investors have about economic stability across the globe.

How will retailers deal with future credit card fraud?

With the start of October, the standard in the use of credit cards will be those with an EMV chip imbedded in the card. Credit and debit cards will still have a magnetic strip with them, but they will be used differently. Instead of swiping the cards, they will place the card in a reader that will identify the chip and approve the transaction after the customer enters a pin.

A cautionary tale in major acquisitions

In a prior post, we highlighted the value that a skilled business law attorney can bring in helping companies evaluate potential mergers and acquisitions. This is because what may look promising on paper should also be evaluated in terms of how the transition will be executed and how potential growth could be compromised.

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