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Pfizer and Allergan merge to form world's largest drug maker

A few weeks ago, we highlighted what was suspected to be high level discussions about a merger between drug making giant Pfizer and Allergan. The proposed merger would lead to the world’s largest drug maker, and would the merger would be valued at nearly $160 billion dollars. Additionally, the move would likely be the added piece to set a record for corporate transactions with a total of $3.7 trillion in total values.

Mergers and acquisitions to increase next year

Many companies considered mergers and acquisitions this year; some were successful and others were not. Regardless of how many actually go through, the increase in mergers and acquisitions will continue next year, according to the Global Capital Confident Barometer survey recently released. 

What should be included in a litigation preparedness plan

Besides a dip in revenue and the specter of business slowdowns, business owners are most likely concerned about lawsuits against their companies. After all, the costs of defending a lawsuit are likely just as expensive as being liable for civil judgments. Additionally, the additional time spent in defending lawsuits makes it difficult (especially for small businesses) to maintain their enterprises in the midst of a contested lawsuit.

Pace of mergers and acquisitions expected to continue

Earlier this year, we marveled at the pace of mergers and acquisitions in 2015. Essentially, companies were joining forces or being bought at a record pace. Because of how many transactions had occurred, we wondered whether the pace would continue; especially considering the specter of interest rates rising.

Retailers more likely to fail in bankruptcy

While the American economy has questions as to whether improvement is coming, one thing is certain. Retailers that seek bankruptcy protection are more likely to fail than to businesses in other industries. The stories of failed businesses that go through bankruptcy are famous, troubling and unfortunately, predictable.

What happens when a touted acquisition doesn't work out?

With the flood of mergers and acquisitions taking place this year, it is unrealistic to believe that all of them will be successful. Indeed, companies don’t plan to acquire assets (or competitors) without a strategic plan that must be reviewed and approved by executives and shareholders. However, when an acquisition does not pan out as expected, time can be of the essence in pulling the plug.

Activision Blizzard storms into mobile gaming market

If you are a fan of fantasy sports and daily fantasy leagues, you probably became one this year as advertising for these leagues became unprecedented after the beginning of the National Football League season. Advertising for mobile games has garnered just as much attention as more people are playing skill games on their phones and tablets.

Pfizer and Allergan discuss potential merger

A number of our posts this year have focused on large mergers; particularly those involving pharmaceutical companies. There’s a reason for this…they keep coming. In a prior post, we noted that the financial conditions for mergers has not changed given that interest rates have stayed the same. Also, it is unknown when these conditions will end, and the opportunities to increase profits for shareholders keep coming.

Quiksilver to sell shoe division to former executives

In a prior post, we highlighted the Chapter 11 bankruptcy initiated by Quiksilver, the iconic clothing maker that catered to the surfing community. Quiksilver is in the process of developing a plan so that the company can restructure and repay its debts.

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