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March 2016 Archives

Regulatory filing reveals possible entertainment merger

The steady increase in middle market transactions that we noted in our first post of 2016 may reach into the film and entertainment industry. According to a recent LA Business Journal report, Lionsgate Entertainment Group, Inc. is considering a merger with premium cable network Starz.

The Supreme Court Jealously Guards the Federal Court's Diversity Jurisdiction

It is often said that the federal courts are zealously jealous of their jurisdiction, conferring it only on the chosen few who demonstrate they possess the Constitutional privilege of having their dispute adjudicated by a federal tribunal.

AMC to purchase Carmike Cinemas

We all know that the movie industry is big business. This is why major movie productions can cost upwards of $200 million, because they can gross nearly $1 billion. While the numbers corresponding to blockbusters are widely known (largely because of ticket sales), how the movie theater industry does is not so well known.

The Academy goes to court to protect its brand

In today’s marketplace, establishing and maintaining a brand is almost as important as the product or service itself. Consumers know that BMW is the ultimate driving machine for a reason. Same thing with the familiar jingles that identify and distinguish Farmers Insurance from State Farm Insurance.

Chobani under fire for allegedly misleading consumers

Who would have thought that the advertising landscape for yogurt producers would get so heated? Indeed, competition in this industry can be fierce, with many producers touting their brand's attributes and how they fit into healthy diets. However, federal advertising rules put limits on what a producer may say about its products, as well as others in the same industry.

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