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Mid-sized California tech businesses expand to Oregon

In California's highly competitive tech industry, it can be difficult for smaller and mid-sized companies to compete with the likes of Google and Apple. Large companies that have dominated for years tend to absorb much of the local talent, while smaller startups in Silicon Valley struggle to get a leg up. Sometimes you have to get out of the Bay Area to expand your tech business footprint.

Things to know before you file for bankruptcy

Before filing for bankruptcy, business owners should explore every available out-of-court option for dealing with the debt. Going to bankruptcy court can be costly, and it is important to get comprehensive legal advice before taking that step.

How can a buy-sell agreement protect California business owners?

Business owners may need to sell or dissolve their companies for any number of reasons: retirement, divorce, disability, bankruptcy, disputes with partners, or just the desire to do something different. Whatever the reason may be, you'll need to cover your legal bases if you intend to sell all or part of your business.

When is it a good idea to merge with another company?

Businesses merge for a variety of reasons. The basic idea behind merging is synergy -- that the combined performance and value of the companies will exceed the value of each company's individual parts.

What to do after preparing your business for sale

Recently we discussed the bases you should cover in preparation of selling your business. After taking those important steps, which you can read more about here, you can list the business with a broker or another party who can let potential buyers know that you're selling. Once a potential buyer has expressed serious interest, your attorney can help you start negotiating the terms of the sale.

Steps to take to prepare your business for sale

A good business plan includes an exit strategy. When you're ready to sell your business, a number of crucial steps have to be taken to get the best possible return and protect against future liabilities. Those steps include preparing your business for sale, negotiating the terms of the sale, conducting due diligence, and documenting the sale. Here let's go over some key aspects of preparing for the sale of a business.

Amazon steps into Internet gaming with acquisition of Twitch

The videogame industry is big business, and Amazon recently stepped into this arena in a major way. Market watchers in California likely saw news of Amazon's recent agreement to pay $970 million in cash for Twitch Interactive Inc., the popular Internet gaming channel. Twitch may not be a familiar name to many Americans, though the channel draws an immense amount of Internet traffic, fourth behind Netflix Inc., Google Inc. and Apple Inc. Twitch is not only a hub for gamers to play each other; viewers also tune in to watch gaming competitions.

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