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Chobani under fire for allegedly misleading consumers

Who would have thought that the advertising landscape for yogurt producers would get so heated? Indeed, competition in this industry can be fierce, with many producers touting their brand's attributes and how they fit into healthy diets. However, federal advertising rules put limits on what a producer may say about its products, as well as others in the same industry.

Hacking lawsuit between rival ride sharing companies intensifies

In 2015, stories about corporate data breaches where customers’ personal information were lost or stolen dominated headlines. As we turn to 2016, it appears that data hacks may continue despite business’ best efforts.

Should you have an initial meeting before mediation?

If your business is embroiled in a legal dispute, you have likely been counseled on the process of mediation. With this being a form of alternative dispute resolution, the mediator (at the beginning of the session) will likely have a joint conference before breaking into individual caucuses where the mediator goes back and forth between rooms.

Goals that a successful merger should meet

As we have noted in prior posts, the trend of a strong market for mergers and acquisitions is expected to continue in 2016. The latest increase in interest rates will likely have an adverse effect on transactions in the short term. With that, companies that look to strengthen their market positions through acquisitions must still scrutinize deals so that they make sense both in the short term and the long term.

What should be included in a litigation preparedness plan

Besides a dip in revenue and the specter of business slowdowns, business owners are most likely concerned about lawsuits against their companies. After all, the costs of defending a lawsuit are likely just as expensive as being liable for civil judgments. Additionally, the additional time spent in defending lawsuits makes it difficult (especially for small businesses) to maintain their enterprises in the midst of a contested lawsuit.

How will retailers deal with future credit card fraud?

With the start of October, the standard in the use of credit cards will be those with an EMV chip imbedded in the card. Credit and debit cards will still have a magnetic strip with them, but they will be used differently. Instead of swiping the cards, they will place the card in a reader that will identify the chip and approve the transaction after the customer enters a pin.

Michael Jordan awarded $8.9 million in steak ad lawsuit

In a number of our posts, we have highlighted the importance of a company’s brand; or more importantly, how they must control how their brand (or brand name) is perceived in the marketplace. This is part of the reason why Subway recently suspended its relationship with its longtime pitchman Jared Fogle when federal agents raided his house last month; before he pled guilty to federal child pornography and teen sex charges.

When a business has an insurance dispute

Unexpected events can be very tough on a business. They can expose a business to sudden, major financial losses. Such losses can have the potential to impact a business on some pretty deep levels and, in some circumstances, could even put a business' entire future in danger.

What should go into a non-disclosure agreement

What makes a start-up company unique is that it doesn’t have to adhere to traditional corporate rules in order to survive, or to thrive for that matter. Because of this, small companies can be swift and nimble enough to keep pace with technological changes and customer preferences and develop new ways of doing things to meet those changes.

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